Beverage Bottling and Formulation: Know Your Ingredients

Beverage BottlingAs a beverage bottling company that handles every aspect of ready-to-drink manufacturing, Southeast Bottling & Beverage can help you develop a new idea into a finished RTD product. A key aspect of our turnkey service is formula development, which goes hand-in-hand with ingredient procurement. Of course, the top consideration for most RTD beverages is taste, and one of our areas of expertise is determining combination of natural ingredients required to create the desired taste. As anyone who has purchased a non-alcoholic beverage off the shelf knows, however, there are many other ingredients listed on a label.

What function do those ingredients serve, and what effects do they have on the body? Here is a partial list of ingredients commonly incorporated by beverage bottling and development companies, along with a brief description:

  • High fructose corn syrup − a type of corn syrup that has undergone enzymatic processing to transform some of the glucose to fructose in order to adjust the level of sweetness
  • Caffeine − a stimulant that is found naturally in coffee and tea, this substance gives the body a sense of alertness and dilates blood vessels
  • Low-calorie sweetener − sugar substitutes such as saccharin and aspartame, often are used to sweeten beverages without the high calorie count of sugar
  • Taurine − an amino acid found naturally in the human body; may help lower cholesterol and improve blood flow
  • Vitamins − there are a number of vitamins commonly used for different purposes, including C, D, K, B3 (niacin), B12, B6 and many more
  • Juices − liquid found in fruits and vegetables; possess healthy properties, but might also retain higher sugar content than some soft drinks

There are many more ingredients in beverages, of course, some of which fall under the category of artificial flavors, natural flavors, coloring, preservatives, extracts and other ingredients. When you make Southeast Bottling & Beverage your beverage bottling and manufacturing partner, you can bring us just the basic idea for an RTD drink and we will take it from there.

To learn more about RTD formulation, drink manufacturing, or the beverage bottling process, contact Southeast Bottling & Beverage today. We are a premier beverage contractor serving the continental United States and the Caribbean.