Work with an Elite Beverage Co-packer to Select the Correct Bottle Type for your RTD Drink

Beverage CopackerSoutheast Bottling & Beverage is an elite beverage co-packer with the entire range of capabilities and knowledge required to handle every stage of ready-to-drink beverage development and manufacturing. One of the most important elements of creating an RTD beverage from scratch is determining what size and shape bottle to use. The filling lines at our state-of-the-art facility are able to be configured for a wide range of plastic bottles, from 1 ounce to a liter, and we can help you determine what bottle will work best for your beverage.

As a world-class beverage co-packer with turnkey ability, Southeast Bottling & Beverage possesses the knowledge and capability to handle every aspect of beverage manufacturing, from start to finish. When it’s time to pick a type of bottle for your RTD beverage, here are a few factors that will be taken into consideration:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Impact resistance
  • Shelf life
  • Temperature endurance
  • Moisture barriers
  • Oxygen barriers
  • Visibility
  • Load strength
  • Labeling

Another important factor is environmental responsibility, or the recyclability of the finished product. Southeast Bottling & Beverage is an environmentally conscious beverage co-packer, using sustainable manufacturing processes and recommending environmentally friendly products to our clients. Our quality control/quality assurance practices also are among the most responsible in the beverage bottling industry, and our processes and facility are certified organic and kosher.

To learn more about what factors go into selecting a bottle type for an RTD project, or to request a quote, contact Southeast Bottling & Beverage today. We are a Florida-based beverage co-packer serving the continental United States and the Caribbean.