The Potential Health Benefits of an RTD Supplemental Beverage

Supplemental RTD BeverageThe health benefits of a supplemental beverage will depend on the ingredients, of course, but they also are dependent on the needs of the end user. For example, a supplemental ready-to-drink protein shake might be used by someone who is having trouble maintaining his or her weight. Certain beverages are used by people who are having difficulty absorbing enough calories, vitamins and minerals from their regular diet. Still others might turn to a liquid supplement if they have undergone recent surgery or if they are recuperating after an illness. If you are a beverage entrepreneur who would like to enter the supplemental beverage market, turn to Southeast Bottling and Beverage for all the assistance you’ll need to find success.

Here are just a few of the potential health benefits provided by supplemental beverages:

  • Increased caloric intake
  • Increased intake of protein
  • Maintenance of glucose levels
  • Added intake of vitamins and minerals
  • Increased fiber intake
  • Healthy hydration

Southeast Bottling and Beverage can help you develop a new supplemental beverage, or blend and bottle your existing product. We provide all beverage manufacturing services, from concept to completion, including formula development, ingredient procurement, blending, filling, and preparing the shipment for delivery.

To learn more, or to request a quote for developing or bottling a supplemental beverage, contact us today. We invite you to visit our recently renovated, state-of-the-art bottling and warehousing facility in Central Florida.